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Postnatal C-section recovery workshop

Thursday 14th February 2019 12pm
The Nesting Place, Chelmsford

This workshop is specifically designed for those recovering from a c-section, whether it is a few weeks, months or even years ago.

A caesarean section is major surgery, going through five layers in the abdomen. It is important to encourage healing in this area to avoid future complications.

There can also be a wide range of emotions involved for a woman after a c-section, if this wasn’t the birth she planned.

This workshop will aim to aid healing from a c-section, both physical and emotional.   We will focus on moving and stretching into the five layers of the scar, increasing blood flow to the area, working into the associated muscles, reducing the risk of adhesions around the scar and learning massage techniques.

Here are some testimonials from a previous participants

I just wanted to let you know how brilliant the c-section class was when I did it all those months ago (think I was in the first group you did). Whilst I probably didn’t continue with many of the exercises, I did the massage you showed us on the scar with bio oil almost every day since and it looks so good now. Much fainter and starting to not look pink at all in places”

“Since doing the c section recovery course and learning the scar massage I have noticed some real improvements in my c section scar. Psychologically  I’ve come more to terms with the scar  – I couldn’t  even look at it before and now I can even  touch it. Physically it’s  become  a lot less tight above the scar and also less numb. It’s also become less red.  And it’s easy to do (I do it in the shower each day ) even with a small baby”

The cost of this workshop will be £15, payable in advance. Maximum six participants.  To book please click here

Pregnancy birthing ball workshop

Saturday 26th January 2019, 12.30pm
Hummingbird Pilates & Yoga Studio, Writtle


A birthing ball is a “must-have” for pregnancy and can be invaluable to use during labour. If you own one but are not too sure what to do with it then this class is for you! We will be using our birthing balls and looking at why these are so beneficial in pregnancy, particularly for back issues, and how they can help in labour to open up the pelvis, get baby into a good birthing position and also to use to maintain a good birthing position during times of rest.
The cost of this workshop will be £15, payable in advance.  To book a space please click here

 Yoga Nidra workshops

Third Friday of every month, 8-9pm (resuming February 2019)
Yoga at The Mill, Chelmsford

Yoga nidra is a deeply restorative guided relaxation, usually practised lying down, and accessible to everyone.
Literally meaning ‘yogic sleep’, this ancient form of meditation has become increasingly popular over the last five years for (when practised regularly) its ability to improve sleep, lower stress levels and invite a powerful, welcome state of deep rest.
The guided practice (which changes each time, and includes elements of visualisation, mindfulness and breath awareness) brings the body to a relaxed place whilst the mind stays aware and awake, though calm. The result is a calmed nervous system, and, with regular practice, an opening for deep change.
Yoga nidra has been shown to be particularly effective as a tool for post-traumatic stress disorder and insomnia as well as helping those suffering with exhaustion and stress.
Cost £15 per person, to book please click here.

Mindfulness for Wellbeing Weekend, Norfolk

18th – 21st January 2019 – Fully booked

5th-8th April 2019 – Availability 

Highly recommended in The Guardian, The Times and The Evening Standard.  These unique and deeply nourishing long weekends draw on our own long-standing background from both the meditation and yoga traditions – though please note: the yoga classes taught on this retreat are exceptionally gentle and taught as meditation.If you are seeking physically yoga classes, this retreat will not be for you!

As a deep complement to the mindfulness, we will restore mind, body and soul with breath-work, mindful movement and super-gentle Restorative yoga, together with the powerfully relaxing practice of yoga nidra – surrounded by beautiful, peaceful surroundings where warmth and comfort prevail.

We are pleased to say there will be an absence of mucking in, drafty rooms or the expectation that you must attend all sessions!

For full details and booking please click here

Yoga & walking holiday, Croatia

11-16th May 2019

Our Croatian retreats, on the beautiful island of Brac, tend to attract many solo travellers, and are especially friendly and personal in feel. Due to the popularity with solo guests, this retreats are generally small, averaging around ten guests.

These retreats offer a balance of twice-daily yoga and meditation classes, gentle guided walks from the door, outstanding local food, and plenty of free time for the beach, catching up on reading or exploring the lovely nearby towns and villages, including the island’s capital, lovely Supetar (which can be reached via a lovely inland walk from the villas).

For full details and booking please click here 

Yoga & wellbeing weekend, Marrakech

November 2019 – full details and booking to follow

This long weekend yoga retreat in the heart of Marrakech, has been designed to appeal to your senses and restore your equilibrium.

Throughout the course of this three-night break, we’ll be providing a total of six mindful yoga and meditation classes, on the roof terrace are in the beautiful central courtyard. These classes, combined with an amazingly tranquil setting, fabulous vegetarian cuisine and a 45-minute massage, will help re-balance mind and body. Beginners to yoga/meditation are very welcome.

Yoga for Better Sleep intensive course

Next four week course date TBC
Yoga at The Mill, Chelmsford running over four consecutive weeks 

Yoga for Sleep
We are delighted to be offering a Yoga Therapy-based Yoga for Sleep course.
The course will be based around the ancient practice of yoga nidra: an increasingly popular form of guided relaxation and meditation – practised lying down –  that is accessible to everyone.
In recent years, science has found yoga nidra to be highly effective for those experiencing problems sleeping, and feeling relaxed.
We have all experienced the anxiety surrounding sleepless nights, and with the relentless pace of modern life, insomnia is a significant and increasing problem. A recent survey found that over 50% of adults living in the UK struggle to have a good night’s sleep.
Amongst other conditions, depression, heart disease and diabetes are linked to sleep deprivation. Yet there are plenty of natural lifestyle steps, and tools we can learn, to help us overcome insomnia.
This course will blend lying-down guided yoga nidras with super-gentle Restorative Yoga postures, with the intention to help re-balance your body and mind, quieten the nervous system and give you practical pointers to promote better sleep.
Everyone attending the course receives a special yoga nidra download they can take home and use when they wish. Max ten places; complete yoga beginners and all ages welcome. See right-hand column for detail of timings, and for booking.

What is the evidence?

Based on past feedback:
* 100% of past students would recommend our Yoga for Sleep course
* 80% of the students say they have experienced improved sleep.’I just wanted to say how helpful the Yoga Nidra course I attended recently has been. For many years I have woken regularly at 4am and remained awake. Since the course I have been sleeping through until at least 6am most nights. I listen to a recording from the class before I go to sleep and it seems to put me in a deeper, more relaxed state – meaning I now sleep through the whole night! I would really recommend this course for anyone with problems sleeping.’ AW, January intake

Pregnancy relaxation workshops

Next date TBC


So many students arrive in class saying how much they are looking forward to the relaxation at the end so this session is all about that!  You will do some gentle movements first to open and release the body and then make yourselves comfortable for a long yoga nidra, which translates as “yogic sleep”.  This is a very deep guided relaxation and is perfect during pregnancy.  Yoga nidra has been shown to be very beneficial during pregnancy to the bodies neuro-endocrine (hormone producing) system, reducing stress and anxiety and aiding sleep.

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